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Careers at the Institute of Couples Therapy

Become part of an exciting organisation dedicated to providing exceptional training for therapists in Couples Therapy. Driven by passion, professionalism, quality and ethical standards. Dedicated to inclusion and diversity.

Working with the Institute of Couples Therapy

The Institute of Couples Therapy is a young and evolving training organisation. Founded by Karen Murphy in order to fulfil the need for quality couples therapy training in Ireland and beyond.

The organisation will provide you with the opportunity to be in the early years of the establishment of an exciting endeavour. This will give you the opportunity to be involved in working collaborative in shaping the quality and professional trainings that therapists are looking for and that clients deserve. This will also mean that you will be most comfortable here if you come in with adaptability both willing to learn the approach and ethos of the ICT and also bringing your own unique talents and experience to the work.

Introduction to Couples Therapy Topics Covered

  • Introduction to main models of couples therapy
  • Overview of Integrative approach
  • Causes of difficulties in relationships
  • Individual V Couples Work
  • Differentiation
  • Presenting Issues
  • Cornerstones of Couples Therapy
  • Assessment
  • Ethical considerations
  • Difficult presentations

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