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Bringing the Symbolic Into Awareness

with Dr. Coleen Jones
2 CPD Hours

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In this enriching webinar Dr. Coleen Jones helps us understand the dynamics that can play out in relationships from a symbolic lens. She looks at moving from a dualistic right/wrong approach to a non dualistic explorative viewpoint. She brings viewpoints from Spinelli, Ian Gilchrist and Ken Wilber and shows how these can be woven into the work of couples therapy. She demonstrates this with examples from her own work with couples.

Dr. Coleen Jones is a “wise elder” in the arena of psychotherapy including Couples Therapy and supervision in Ireland.  She holds over 40 years of experience in this field working originally in South Africa and then continuing to expand her work in Ireland. 

Coleen works at a creative depth strongly influenced by Carl Jung using the symbolic in her approach. She is passionate about her work and often contributes to psychotherapy publications internationally.  She brings symbolism and creativity to her approach which is  refreshing in this time where we are drawn to more directive approaches. Her talk will enrich you, ignite your curiosity and entertain you. 

She has recently written a paper published in Counselling Australia of which the below is an extract: 

“Healing requires that the therapist stay close to his/her intuitive wisdom, being almost “sleuth-like” knowing that there must be something; searching for some fact that has not been brought fully into the light of consciousness. Reparative work requires that the therapist first establish a good working alliance, then adopt a stance and proceed to work with “clinical precision and creative indifference” (Bion,1970, p42). It behoves the therapist to stay like a stylus in the groove of a vinyl record. This in time plays out and reveals the full story. It brings coherence such that the client can then establish “narrative competency” and begin emotionally relating to their own story. This brings fluidity, it fills in the occlusions, it brings coherence and hence a clearer understanding. The client’s life story previously had gaps, unbeknownst to him/her. There was an absence of connection relating to relationships.”

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2 hours IACP Approved CPD

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Dr. Coleen Jones

Dr Coleen Jones is a psychotherapist and supervisor in practice in Cork, Ireland. She has worked in the field since 1976 in Johannesburg and in Ireland since 1990. She worked at University College Cork in Applied Psychology for fifteen years and subsequently was on the board of ICP (Irish Council for Psychotherapy) and represented Ireland on the board of the ECP (European Council for Psychotherapy) as well as volunteering on the accreditation committee and governing body of IAHIP (Irish Association for Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy) and supervision committee of IACP (Irish Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy).

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